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2 Easy Steps:

Sand-off the old gel coat

Roll-on the new gel coat

Enjoy your hot tub!

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Check our available
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Just a note to say that I am very happy at how my hot tub looks now after applying the gel coat paint. The hot tub is almost 30 years old and was stained and cracked and peeling. I had to do some fiberglass repair before painting it. It looks like new now.
The instructions that you sent were invaluable, so that even an amateur like me could easily do the painting.

Thanks again.  Bill Coppenbarger  Plano, TX




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Wood hot tubs

Everything (cars, boats, airplane, swimming pools, food service products, water storage tanks, spa's, hot tubs, baptistery, and so much more is always finished, by the manufacturer, with gel coat.

Gel coat is the finish coating on all things fiberglass. Gel coat is the only non-porous material that will laminate to resin and fiberglass permanently. The finish coat must be non-porous so it can protect the fiberglass and resin underneath.

Gel coat is available in numerous formulas, i.e. marine, airplane, motor vehicle, food service, swimming pool, etc.

Swimming pool gel coat is only for underwater use, and it is formulated to withstand the rigors of harsh chemicals, UV penetration, well water, salt, tanning oil scum,and everything else you might find underwater.

But, swimming pool gel coat does not last forever. Eventually it becomes porous, allowing algae to cling (and thrive), staining, blisters, chaulking, cracking, leaks, and so on.

On average, swimming pool gel coat must be replaced every 20 years, except in hot tubs. Because of the excessive heat (102 degrees) when in use, the gel coat goes bad sooner and must be replaced more often, typically every 10 to 15 years, depending on high temperature usage.


KNOWLEDGE - Just follow the written refinishing instructions and, if you have a question, simply call our 7 day a week help line, for an immediate answer.

  • MATERIAL - We send everything you'll need to complete the repair and resurface your fiberglass containment. We stock the same high quality resin and gel coat used by the manufacturer. We include written directions by email and expert telephone assistance when you need it.

  • LABOR - That we leave to you, but not very much is required. The majority of the old gel coat must be removed, one coat of Fibre-Shelkote vinyl ester resin and three new coats of  Fibre-Shelkote swimming pool gel coat applied.

  • Everything is rolled-on and completed in one day, after the old gel coat is removed

    If repairs are required (which is rarely), we'll send you the fiberglass patching material that's used in chlorinated water or salt water, and walk you through the repair. But that's the great thing about fiberglass, repairs are fast, easy, and inexpensive.

    Call today and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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