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Fiberglass Pool Paint

Swimming Pool Gel Coat for Fiberglass Swimming Pools & Spa's


The finish coat on all fiberglass swimming pools is called "swimming pool gel coat", often referred to as fiberglass pool paint. Swimming pool gel coat is the finish coat on all fiberglass swimming pools.

Swimming pool gel coat is not cheap, but it is the only coating for fiberglass that will last longer than 2 or 3 years. Recently the public has been led to believe that epoxy paint is a substitute for swimming pool gel coat. It is not!

Replacing the interior coating (swimming pool gel coat) of a fiberglass swimming pool or a fiberglass laminate on a gunite or steel pool is no fun task. It is definitely not something you want to do again soon, so it's important that you do it right the first time.

18 to 27 Years Longevity

As with most things, there are high quality fiberglass pools like San Juan, Viking, Alaglass, and others. I've added Alaglass to this elite group even though we have yet to resurface an Alaglass pool.

Permit me to explain. During our 13 years in business, we have only received two calls from owners of Alaglass pools. Both pools had been installed for about 10 years when the pool owners contacted us for help.

Because the pools were still so young, and because we had no record of problems with Alaglass pools, we recommended that the owners contact Alaglass first to see how they react, before they started paying for pool resurfacing.

Only one of the two potential customers (for us) called back. Although I don't recall what the problems were (we receive 50 t0 80 calls a day during March, April, May, and June), she was completely satisfied with Alaglass.

Since the second owner didn't call again, I can only assume she too was happy with the response from Alaglass Pools. Otherwise we would have had a sale.

Viking Pools are also on this list because we have never received a single call before a Viking pool was at least 18 years old. Although, we have received calls regarding installation problems with Viking Pools that required repair, that has nothing to do with the quality of Viking's manufacturing.

Finally, San Juan Pools, unquestionably the finest pools manufactured in the United States. UGlassIt Pool Resurfacing has never received a single call from a pool owner before the San Juan Pool involved was at least 27 years old.

3 to 5 Years Longevity

There are also poor quality fiberglass swimming pools that buyers should stay away from.

Basically, there are three so-called manufacturers that intentionally produce the lowest quality fiberglass pools in America. Why would anyone intentionally manufacture lousy pools, you ask?

GREED! The wrong mixture (for chemically treated underwater use) of gel coat is cheaper, a combination of the leftover 'bottom of the drum" gel coat is even cheaper yet. Gel coat not mixed appropriately for outdoor, chemically treated underwater use has a life expectancy of under 5 years.

Our company, UGlassIt Pool Resurfacing, Inc. should love these three lousy manufacturers, because within 5 years of installation, we have the opportunity to make a substantial sale. Sure beats waiting 27 years, like we must, for a call from a San Juan pool owner. But we love them not, and can't wait until they're out of business.


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